Monday, August 27

shredding it with noah

Some days the only way I'm able to work out is to include the boys. 
Noah loves doing Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred with me because we modify it to suit him. When the circuit is boxing we pretend we're fighting the bad guys. When we do arm raises we are using our light sabers, etc. 
It makes me laugh (and anyone unfortunate enough to have to witness this) 
and we have fun doing it together.

Using out lightsabers
Sometimes he uses soup cans for barbells. Today he tried out granola bars.
Boxing the bad guys.IMG_5816
Max usually joins us for a set, tumbles into one of us and then leaves with the granola bars.IMG_5815
Good times.

2 notes:

jessica said...

this is so awesome!

5b said...

noah is naked