Wednesday, August 15

picnic at the beach

The boys and I spent most of the morning yesterday baking cookies. 
They both are really good at measuring and mixing at this point
 but every job has to be shared between them so it takes twice as long. 
This morning we delivered batches to family and Geno's work 
(myself and the boys can't be trusted with large quantities of cookies
 in the house at one time...mostly me.) 
The highlight of the day was after the deliveries 
we were able to steal Geno away for a picnic at the beach.
DSC00092 DSC00098
A perfect way to put a little weekend into our weekday.

4 notes:

Justin * Chrissy * Ryan * Landon said...

Summer suits you and your boys! Enjoy :) Let's get together sometime before it's over!

jessica said...

cute! i'm with you on the not trusting myself with cookies in the house!! love you!

Jessica B said...

yea..I can't be trusted with cookies either haha! what a great way to surprise Geno and looks like you picked the most beautiful day also! XOXO

someone said...

how old is this?????