Friday, September 21

Update on Max


It started 10 days ago with Max having a fever of 104 +. 
The high fever lasted for 7 days. His doctors thought it was initially a virus but as the fever persisted they concluded that it had turned into pneumonia. He was started on Zithromax (the antibiotic he has proved not resistant to). Today is day 10 and we are hopeful that he is starting to turn the corner. 
His temp today is 100-101. He is not eating but is now drinking well. His spirit is much higher today and he is enjoying bossing me around.
The emotional toll has weighed on me these last 24 hours. 
It crushes me that his small vocabulary now contains the words "I hurt," "I'm sick" and "I'm sad."
This is Max's first serious infection since he was diagnosed with immune deficiency. 
Until this point his immune deficiency had resulted only in repeated ear and sinus infections. 
Somehow those were manageable and the immune deficiency seemed like an annoying but not prevailing part of our daily lives.
We now know that his IGG levels have dropped from 400 six months ago to 300 last week. This is a big setback. After we get through this infection his doctor will put him on continuous antibiotics, at least through the winter.
Tuesday we take him back to the Immunology specialist at Children's to see if his levels and current infection are going to be manageable with the continuous antibiotics or if it's time to start intravenous immunoglobulin therapy.
Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for Max. They lift us up.

strongest little guy I know

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RyanAmyMcGuire said...

Thinking of all of you and sending our prayers. Max you are a trooper!!!

Liz said...

Hang tough you four! This too will pass. I just know it.

Kimberly and Brandon said...

Thinking of your family...especially your incredibly strong Max. Prayers sent your way that all the winter long abx help him stay healthy through the end of the year.