Tuesday, October 2

Ordinary Days

Today I'm grateful for ordinary days. Max has recovered from the pneumonia and will be on antibiotics through the winter to prevent an infection like that reoccuring. He received a vaccine at the hospital and will have a blood draw in 4 weeks to see if he produced any antibodies to it. If he does not, and his IGG levels do not improve, then he will likely start transfusions. If he does produce antibodies and his levels rise, they will feel more comfortable watching him longer and continuing to treat him with antibiotics. I pray that is the case and he doesn't have to do blood transfusions every 3 weeks. Would be so much for his little body to go through. At the same time, I am grateful there is treatment available to us, for many childhood diseases this is not the case. 
Max's pediatrician thinks it is ironic that the one antibiotic that heals him, Zithromax contains Max's name in it. 
I think it was a little gift from God.
I love our mornings. 
One by one they wake up, come downstairs and end up on the couch in various states of lounge.
I especially love the mornings where we don't have to rush to get the boys to school.
After their morning lounge they have breakfast and migrate as a pack to the toy room.
The days when the bigger boys have school I leave Luke in his pajamas as long as possible.
To me, there is nothing sweeter in life than the sound of his pitter patter in his footed jammies puttering around the house.
Our fall and halloween decoration are up and Luke is enamored with the pumpkin man outside our door.
He is convinced that it is someone coming to visit us
and tries to open the door for him several times a day.
I'm thinking of relocating him after the near heart attack I experienced
stumbling down the stairs late one night with a sick little one
and thinking there was someone peering in my window.

I am thankful for these ordinary days. I try to savor the moments so that I don't forget. No doctors appointments or crises to attend to,
nowhere we have to be but here.

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tiffany jeanne said...

Well I hardly recognized little Luke while catching up with you guys! I still think of him as a newborn, when we all first met in the hospital! So sorry to hear of everything you've been going through with Max. Will be saying prayers for a healthy winter for all of you.